Our Story

Here you’ll find handcrafted products specially curated to serve everyone’s skin care needs. We create clean and thoughtful formulas using consciously-sourced ingredients. We truly believe in Mother Earth’s magical powers to feed the skin with what she has to offer. Our ingredients are chosen with intent because your skin’s health comes first.

We are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Our recipes are tested by friends and family – never on animals.

Created with love. Welcome to Skindalous.

Mission Statement

Show off your skin – it’s skindalous, darling.


To empower every individual and cater to everyone’s skin care needs.

Five things we know to be true

Real skin is beautiful.

Whether you have dry, oily, or blemish-prone skin, your real skin is beautiful. We’re just here to remind you. At Skindalous, we celebrate all types of skin. Our main focus is to bring out your confidence every day using the clean formulas we’ve uniquely designed for your day-to-day skin care rituals.

Quality shows.

We believe that quality stands the test of time. At the end of the day, your skin can only differentiate the good ingredients from the bad and not whether those ingredients were bottled in luxurious packaging. We formulate simple recipes that are nourishing for the skin.

No Phthalates. No Parabens. No SLES and SLS. No DEA/MEA/TEA. No Triclosan.

Honesty goes a long way.

No matter where we are in our creative venture, we will always choose transparency. While we advocate natural, naturally-sourced, and naturally-derived ingredients, we also use synthetic alternatives in our formulations. Some synthetics are safe to apply on the skin when used at the appropriate and recommended rate. Preservatives, for example, are safe synthetics used in cosmetic and skin care products to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

We do not believe in “greenwashing.” Our confidence resides in the efficacy and safety of our formulas. We will always strive to use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible without compromising quality and performance.

Skin care is not a luxury.

Our vision is to empower every individual and cater to everyone’s skin care needs. How do we plan to make that vision a reality? The answer is simple: create quality products that nourish the skin at an affordable price.

We focus on minimal packaging. We are dedicated to using compostable and biodegradable shipping materials. All of our glass containers can be reused or recycled.

Skin care is a necessity, not a luxury. We create for everyone.

Best is better.

We are committed to go the distance. We will always make an effort to do more because good isn’t good enough - best is better. As we continue to grow, learn, and build, we hope to turn this venture into something bigger than all of us. Our formulas, practices, and operations will continue the path of innovation and sustainability. Our progress does not have an end point.